Just Just moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Finding God and Centering myself. A Buddhist Mormon Seeking knowledge and expanding spirituality. Say Hi we're all awesome. God Bless
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    this is absolutely incredible

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    OR NAH?!







    HE MAD YALL!!!!!!


    had me rolling this morning and i know i shouldn’t

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    sometimes you’ve gotta compliment yourself and just be your own hype squad

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  • "I sympathize
    for every single person
    who has ever
    taken you for granted,
    left you for another,
    cheated on you,
    belittled you,
    broke your heart,
    or made you feel
    any less than human.
    Because one day,
    they will realize
    that they lost
    the most important part
    of themselves when
    they let you go."
    Connotativewords | jl | Why Your Heart Went Missing (via connotativewords)

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    If it’s good for a long distance run, then it’s probably also good for a session at the dojo.

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  • "Let us, friends, pray for peace. People’s minds are getting disturbed by tragic and violent news. To help the world, we must be at peace in our own minds. Prayer is very important now. We must not shout at or hit our spouse or children despite how frustrated we feel, or we will be adding to violence in the world. It does not matter if it is committed by police, protesters, terrorists, or military. Violence is violence; and it only leads to more and more violence. We must set a good example for others by being peaceful in our thought, word, and deed. If others come at us in violence, we must turn the other cheek, because now anger and fear are abundant, but love, patience, forgiveness, compassion and mercy are lacking in the world. Let us pray for all who are suffering from violence."
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  • "There are no reasons to be afraid as long as you have Him, as long as you believe, He will deliver you from all your fears because that’s how much He loves you, that’s how much He loves us all."
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  • "Forgive me lord, if I have asked for more than I’ve thanked you for."
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    A Tibetan Monk blesses the deer that gather around him and someone snaps a picture. Upon viewing the picture they notice a rainbow had appeared.

    pretty sure this is the happiest picture I’ve seen in a long time

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    tongues // joywave

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    Sun and Moon. Within a Tree Stump.

    oh wow this is my favorite

    this is gorgeous

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